Notepad++ is a Must Have

I haven’t made it to discussing what tool I want to edit code in yet. That’s no excuse for not going ahead and promoting Notepad++ though. Whether you prefer a full integrated development environment (IDE) or a simple text editor you should have Notepad++ on hand. You’ll be editing configuration files from time to time and who wants to open a full IDE for that? It adds a right-click menu item to open any file, including those without extensions, and has syntax highlighting for numerous languages (and an easy way to set up more).

One “language” it doesn’t ship with is that of the Apache config files. There is an add-in for that though. Save this XML language definition file. In Notepad++ go to the ‘Language’ menu and then ‘Define your language…’ From here click ‘Import…’ and select the XML file. I named it Apache and it should now appear at the bottom of your language menu.


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